Large Format Packaging Solutions
One of the largest KBA Offset Press Machine in Malaysia with the printing size up to 1640MM
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Electronics and Electricals
Eastsun provides Large Format Printing & Packaging solutions for our E&E clients and their products include Vacuum Cleaner, Audio Speaker, Domestical Robotic Products, Home Security Systems, etc.
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Fast Moving Consumer Goods
As FMCG clients need aesthetics for their product to stand out in the shelves, we could bring the aesthetics envisioned by our clients into life, to ensure their Colour Packaging Boxes to be more stood out.
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Household Goods
It is required to have a sturdy and durable packaging quality to withstand majority of the household goods and with experience that Eastsun acquired over the years, we assure you that we have your back.
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As Eastsun acquired years of experience in serving pharmaceutical industries, providing exceptional Printing & Packaging quality to provide safe consumption of pharmaceutical products.
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Personal Protective Equipment’s
Eastsun has vast experience and knowledge in providing exceptional quality Colour Packaging Boxes for various types of medical glove boxes.
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Automobile Parts
Eastsun understood packaging structure and durability is the key to fulfil our automobile client needs. We could out-source the most suitable material to produce products which are qualified to protect our client's product.
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Introduction Company Timeline Tailored Packaging Solution About Eastsun Logistics


Eastsun is a Global Printing and Packaging Firm with strong networks of facilities and affiliates in the globe, offering full spectrums of packaging solutions from start to finish.
With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise that takes to create high-quality printed materials, leaving a lasting impact on our customers.
Eastsun is proud to be able to provide clients with a whole array of services for them to experience one of the best Printing and Packaging services offered in Malaysia.

Company Timeline

  1. 1987

    Founded by Mr. Tang Ye Fe who acted as a colour printing provider's agent.

  2. 1991

    EastSun Superior Print (M) Sdn. Bhd. was established.

  3. 2001

    Set up operations at Jalan Pudu specialising in flyers and satin labels.

  4. 2004

    Moved to Balakong and started specialising in printing colour packaging for various industries.

  5. 2006

    Awarded ISO 9001:2016 certification.

  6. 2010

    Fortified our position as Malaysia's POSM provider for domestics and exports.

  7. 2019

    Awarded G7 Master Facility Targeted Certification.

  8. 2022

    Awarded G7 Master Facility Colorspace Certification.

    Awarded G7 Expert Certification.

“What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for
the mind.” Motivated by this saying, MD, Mr. Tang Yen Fe has
been transcribing the voice of businesses into reality; bridging
between you and your consumers.

MD, Tang Yen Fe

Packaging Solutions Personalized To Your Brand

Eastsun offers made innovative packaging solutions catered to your specific needs with limitless possibilities.
We deliver the best class
consultations and meticulous
designs from structural and
artwork designers to
transpose your inklings to
Our custom packaging
inserts are made to shelter
your products from harm. We
make no compromises on
fitment, material or quality.
Unmatched in logistical
service arrangements, we
an deliver cost effective
packaging solutions around
the globe.

Company Culture


To deliver superior quality printing solutions in offset-printed packaging, provide the best service and support to our customers with integrity and to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.


Strive to be the ideal source of colour printing, paper packaging, and point of sales material.

Core Values

Quality, Innovation, Commitment, Teamwork


At Eastsun, our growth and success go side-to-side with our commitment to quality. We are proudly ISO19001:2016 and G7 Certified, which brings up one step closer to our goal for constant improved performance and unrivalled service.

We're here to deliver

Fresh off the paper, your packaging is manufactured and delivered directly from our certified facilities with multiple trucks.